Project ONE Trailer

The Mercedes-AMG ONE: A car that made history, before it was even built. In 2015 Mercedes-AMG set out to crack one of the last barriers within the automotive industry: The first street legal Hypercar with F1 Technology. What started with big promises from the AMG Management and highest expectations from not only a handpicked crowd of 275 buyers but the automotive industry and beyond soon turned into a project that put the image of the entire Mercedes group at stake: misfires, problems, delays, frustrations, tensions within the management and the teams, and rising pressure from all sides. Failure was not an option.

Tribute to Failure Trailer

Four Swiss Alpinists attempt a first ascent of a route on the unclimbed South Face of 6,543 m high Mount Shivling, prepared to overcome all obstacles before a decision about success or failure has to be made. Out now on Red Bull TV. Directed by Jochen Schmoll. Produced by Red Bull in association with Cutting Edge Productions

Tepui - Expedition into the House of Gods (German Trailer)

In the depths beneath Venezuela’s mesas, an international research team embarks on an epic adventure full of secrets and discoveries. A Terra X Episode directed by Jochen Schmoll

Project ONE Brandfilm

Our brandfilm for the Mercedes-AMG ONE, featuring Susie Wolff. Filmed at the Yas Marina Circuit in 2022 for the World Premiere of the Mercedes-AMG ONE, using Electroluminiscent Paint With Light Solutions to highlight the Silhouette of the first street legal Hypercar with F1 Technology developed by Mercedes-AMG Directed by Jochen Schmoll, produced by Tina Preschitz

Monte Sarmiento - The White diva

Charles Darwin called Monte Sarmiento the most sublime spectacle of Tierra del Fuego. The legendary mountain at the storm-busting end of South America is the goal of a three-man German mountaineering expedition. To fulfil his dream, the photographer Ralf Gantzhorn travels for his seventh time to Monte Sarmiento, which is located at the most southern end of South America. More than twenty expeditions in total have failed, only two teams succeeded to reach the 2300m high main summit.

Frog - Make your Mark w Peter Schreyer

In 2020 we filmed a video series for Frog Co about what it means to «Make your Mark’. This one features design legend Peter Schreyer.

Naturland - Sustainable Coffee Farming in Uganda

A video for Naturland about the impact of Agroforestry for smallhold farmers in Uganda.

Explorers: Adventures of the Century S4 E1 / Spitting Distance - Trailer

A group of climbers attempt to descend into an active volcano to get as close as possible to the spitting lava lake. They brave poisonous gasses and searing heat climbing into the earth.

BMW - Driven by Diversity

A content video series for BMW Directed by Jochen Schmoll Produced by Tina Preschitz for Mediamonks

Amy meets

An international family decides last minute to leave their hectic lifestyles behind and live an 8-month sabbatical in Southern Africa. A family adventure seen and told through the eyes of their children Amy and Jason, ages 7 and 9. With great enthusiasm they discover the splendid world of family travel and diversity in Namibia, South Africa and Madagascar.

Into Twin Galaxies

Three National Geographic Adventurers of the Year embark on a ski and kayak mission across Greenland. Using kite skis, they tow their whitewater kayaks over 1,000km of ice.

Start Your Impossible - Toyota

Singapors first ever Olympic Gold medalist Joseph Schooling “driving the lead in road safety” for Toyota


 Until now, for generations a nomadic herder family from Spain has raised their animals following this sustainable way of animal farming that also carries incredible cultural heritage and is crucial for healthy ecosystems.
The documentary follows them and their 3,200 animals along the ancient routes, discovering a simple life determined by the rhythm of their animals while learning about their daily struggles and slowly unveiling a dire future. Facing uncaring consumer habits and a system of unjust economics and misguided politics the herders are fighting for their own survival.

Way of the North - Trailer

In 1990 Matty Nair and Paul Landry circumnavigated Baffin Island with Sled Dogs. Baffin Island is the 5th largest island in the world, with average temperatures of -10 C. It took them 4 months to complete the 4.000 km to connect the major settlements around the island. 25 years later their daughter Sarah sets out with her partner Eric to retrace her parents endevour.


A documentary about Patrick Seabases’s ultimate Tour de Suisse, riding almost 350km and 9,000m in elevation on a track bike within one day, connecting some of the  most beautiful parts of Switzerland. 

Paint with Light

Featuring Skater Jaime Mateu, BMX Rider Varo Hernandez and climber Ivan Calderon on a nightly journey from Dusk til Dawn.