Jochen Schmoll

Director Jochen Schmoll have been working over 20 years on numerous documentaries, content and commercial productions focused on outdoors and (extreme) sports. 

Climbing up a 8000m peak in the Himalayas for “Ascending the death zone”, climbing out of 170m m deep cave in Oman for “Into the light” or descending into the crate of an active volcano for “Spitting distance” for him is just part of the job, along with shooting in extreme conditions and extreme characters as is shooting with free range chickens on a farm for a commercial.

Experiences that  definitely also helped a lot with building up a high level of stress resistance for any kind of work. 

Their clients include National Geographic, ZDF, Red Bull Media House, Red Bull TV, as well as brands such like Mercedes AMG, Porsche, Vaude, Mammut, Jack Wolfskin, Lidl and BMW.

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